How do I import a list?

How do I import a list?
You can import lists of leads into LeadFuze you already have contact information for. Imported contacts don't count against your monthly leads. 
There are two ways to import lists into LeadFuze. The first method is to import lists of leads you already have the email addresses for. The second method is for lists you don't have emails for, which is our individual lookup feature. Click here to learn more about individual lookup.
Here's a video tutorial on how to import a list:

There are two ways to import lists you already have email addresses for.

The first way is to click Leads

Within Leads, click Import List

Within Import Contacts, click Browse to find the CSV lead list you're looking to import



After selecting the list, click Next 



After clicking Next, the Map Properties section will appear where you will be able to view all data fields within your list. After ensuring that all fields from your CSV match up with the drop down menus, click Nextstep3.png


Once you've clicked Next, this will bring you to the import contacts page. After double checking your contact format and imported properties, click Import Contacts


The second way to import contacts is to click Leads
Within Leads, click the saved list you'd like to import leads to.
Within the list, click List Options-->Import Contacts to upload a CSV/TSV file.

To complete this process, follow the steps from above. 
[NOTE] There is a limit of 2,000 rows per import, if you need to import more please break into smaller lists
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