How do I setup a G Suite email?

How do I setup a G Suite email for my cold email domain?

After you complete this process, you'll want to setup email forwarding so that you receive emails from your cold email domain to your primary inbox

To set up a G-Suite account, go to and click "Get Started"

From the G-Suite "Let's get started" page, click "Next"

G-Suite will prompt you to enter your business name and specify your employee size. Once you've entered this info, click "Next"

Specify your business location and click "Next"

Type in your current email address under "Current email address" and click "Next"

G-Sute will be ask whether you have a business domain. If you haven't created a new domain for cold email click this link. Once you have a separate domain for cold email, click "Yes, I have one I can use". Do not use your primary domain.

From here, type in your cold email domain name under "Domain Name" and click "Next"

Enter your first and last name and click "Next"

Enter a username and password and click "Next"

Click the check box next to, "I'm not a robot", review the terms from the "G Suite Agreement", and click "Agree and create account"

You're all set!


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