How do I improve opens and responses?

How do I improve opens and responses?

While you’ve been analyzing results throughout the 6 week ramp up process, there is now more solidified and consistent data related to your email copy due to the consistency, volume, and duration of your campaign.

From here you can start making changes to improve the performance of your email copy based on the data you’ve gathered.

Optimize your copy to improve performance by analyzing your subject lines relative to open rates and calls to action relative to response rates.

Subject lines (open rates):

The subject line is the most fundamental and important part of a cold email. Step 1 on the path to cold email success is to get the email opened. We recommend testing two to three different subject lines to start.

The subject line should never be misleading. The most effective subject lines are less than 7 words and focused around the problem the potential client is facing, as well as the emotions surrounding that problem.

To achieve a solid open rate (25-40%) and get your emails opened, craft a compelling subject line that speaks to the emotions associated with the lead’s business problem you can solve. 

Stray away from subject lines like “reaching out” or “quick question”, as they have been overused and are now less effective.

Calls to action (response rates):

Once you have an open rate of 25-40% you’re going to want to get responses to 5% or higher.

Most responses will be unsubscribes. That’s okay; don’t be discouraged as this is just a part of cold email. Just be sure to unsubscribe them by following the steps from this article.

Once your emails are being opened and you have a great open rate (30-40%), you’ll want to focus on boosting responses if you're not seeing any positive responses.

If you have an open rate of 40% but a response rate of 1%, then the call to action or offer may not be compelling enough to get a response. Put yourself in the shoes of the person receiving the email. Would you reply to your own email based on what you've written? 

Common reasons for low response rates but high open rates are:
-Two calls to action
-Self centered email copy

-Unclear call to action
-Soft call to action (command words like “Reply to this email if you’re interested in achieving positive result for xyz” is more effective than phrasing such as “Let me know if you’re interested”)
-The call to action is buried under lengthy email copy. Keep these emails short, sweet, and to the point.
-Not giving enough value for the lead to enact the call to action.

We NEVER recommend two calls to action in one email. A question counts as a call to action too.


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