What kind of results can I expect?

What kind of results can I expect?

The goal in cold outreach is a conversation.

LeadFuze can work for any B2B company, but expectations are everything.

Our successful customers achieve hundreds of brand impressions and dozens of leads influenced every month by sending 1,000s of emails.

We measure that based on opens, clicks, and responses.

For example, our more successful customers have around a 30% open rate, 5% clickthrough rate, and 5% response rate.

A percentage of those turn into new sales conversations every month.

From there, it’s dependent on your sales process, a good offer, probing with the right questions during your sales calls, following up, your price, etc.

“Testing” cold email with a very small sample size of 25 is not going to be highly accurate as the volume is low.

So what you should look for is 6-8 opens (anything lower and your subject line is not compelling) and 1-2 responses including unsubscribes (or your call to action isn’t strong enough)

We will help you get the tool set-up, assist in copywriting, review your offer when you subscribe to make these even stronger.

You can cancel at anytime with no long term contract to ensure it's a good fit for you.

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