What should I do if I'm having deliverability issues?

What should I do if I'm having deliverability issues?

Cold email can be extremely successful if done the right way. When you send emails from LeadFuze, emails are staggered out over a period of time to ensure that the email sends look natural. This built in feature helps email deliverability.

We connect LeadFuze to your inbox so that emails are sent from your address through Gmail or Office 365. If you run into deliverability issues this can throw a huge wrench in your strategy. This means that your email provider has flagged your account and it could be the case that your email's domain is temporarily unable to send emails.

Here are some suggestions we have to increase your chances of deliverability:

1.) Pause your campaign for 3 days and sign up for inbound emails as outlined in step 8. 

2.) Ramp up your outbound sequences slowly to build domain credibility, start by sending 10 new emails per day for 2 days, then going to 20 new emails per day for 2 days, and so on and so forth until you've reached 50 new emails per day.

3.) Make sure your emails are sent to specifically targeted prospects.

4.) Change your subject line; many emails are marked as SPAM based on the subject line.

5.) Do not send more than 50 new emails per day.

6.) Don't include images, links, or large file attachments in the first email. Use caution on the second, third, fourth, and fifth emails.

7.) Register a sub domain such as .co or .info to send emails from (note: new domains initially have a 5 day probationary period; we don't recommend sending from a new domain until this 5 day period is over)

8.) Increase your outbound to inbound email ratio of emails by signing up for newsletters, email lists, and blogs. Check out StartUpDigest to easily sign up for inbound emails.

9.) Prep your IP or email address for smooth sailing.

10.) Check your deliverability reputation

11.) Be sure you're following CAN-SPAM regulations

12.) Check feedback loops with tools like Sender Score

13.) Check blacklists


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