Why are my sequences not sending?

Why are my sequences not sending?

There could be several reasons. First, always make sure you schedule your sequence and that your email is connected.

The most common reason for scheduled sequences not sending is that they are paused.

Click Sequences to bring up a list of your saved sequences.

Ensure that the Pause button is on the right side of that screen.

If that button says Resume, your sequence is paused.

Another reason could be that your list is paused, stopping new leads from moving over and new emails from going out.

To determine whether your lists are paused, click Leads 

Within Leads check the top left corner of your list to make sure that there is a Pause icon. This means the list is not paused.

If the list says Resume and has a play button, your list is paused.

If your scheduled sequences aren't paused and your list isn't paused and emails aren't going out, contact us at help@leadfuze.co.

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