How do I edit, delete, or pause a list?

How do I edit, delete, or pause a list?

Here's a video tutorial on how to edit, delete, or pause a list:

To edit a list, click Leads 

You can edit the name and criteria of your list, as well as the number of leads added per day.

To edit the criteria of a list click the pencil icon outlined in orange below:

Edit the number of leads added to this list everyday by clicking the pencil icon:

Edit the name of a list by clicking the pencil button next to the list name:

How do I delete a list?

To delete a list, click Leads 

To delete a list, click the delete icon to the top right of the list.

To fully delete a list you must type DELETE in all caps, then click Delete List

There are no recovering deleted lists, so be sure you want to delete it.

How do I pause a list?

To pause a list, click Leads 

To pause the list, click Pause

This will pause FuzeBot from adding new leads to that list.

If you press "Pause" that same button will change to "Resume".

If that button says "Resume", that means your list is paused.

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