How do I build a list?

How do I build a list?

Here's a video tutorial on how to build a list:

To add new leads to a list, click Search for Leads

You can also click Leads-->Find New Leads

Search by target industries, roles, company size, regions, and keywords.

Once you've entered your search criteria, click START SEARCHING

Within Preview Results select the leads you want to add to your list.

Then click Get Contact Details

This will prompt you to add the leads to a current list or create a new list. 

To add leads to a current list, click the drop down menu under Add To and choose a list.

To create a new list, click Create New List Name and enter the list name.

Click Add Leads


From here, you can automate your list building or manually build the list.

To automate your lead generation, specify the number of leads you'd like to have moved over daily and click Save Automation

To manually build a list, click No thanks, I'll build my list manually.

If you like automation but want more control of the leads that are added to your lists, here's more on semi-automating your list.


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