How does LeadFuze help me succeed?

How does LeadFuze help me succeed?

Customer success is the most important factor for us at LeadFuze.

Like any new tool, you want to measure success and understand ROI.

While LeadFuze helps keep track of statistics like Opens and Responses, we know this isn't how you measure success.

Assuming you:

-Have a useful product/service at a reasonable price point

-Have identified a product/service market fit

-Have an effective process for closing deals

-Have LeadFuze set up properly

You should see success with LeadFuze.

Month 1

The first month is all about setting up the system and gathering data from your first email sequences. Your success signals from LeadFuze are:

  • Open Rates: our more successful customers achieve an open rate of 30-40%.
  • Response Rates: our more successful customers have a 5% response rate or higher.

Most of our successful customers didn't get here over night. We also provide copywriting guidance so you can educate yourself on effective cold email.

Month 2

By the second month you have more data on what's working and what's not with your cold email.

Some tips for the second month are:

  • Refine your lead generation strategy based on insights from leads generated in your first month. Are there any unique attributes about the leads that were interested? Can you use that data to refine your lead generation efforts?
  • Revise the content in your sequences to test new templates, calls to action, and subject lines.
  • Revisit your follow-up pitch and/or process.

Month 3

By the third month you have mastered the LeadFuze product. Because your lead generation and emails are automated, your main workflows in LeadFuze are replying within your inbox and editing the status of leads to "Unsubscribed". Through integrated CRM reporting, you will start to see predictable patterns in your pipeline.

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