How does the HubSpot integration work?

How does the HubSpot integration work?

You can setup an integration with HubSpot by clicking Settings-->Integrations

Within Settings-->Integrations click On for the HubSpot integration. 

Click Yes to export prospects. 

Enter your API token and click Authenticate.

Your API key is in Settings-->Integrations in bold blue letters.

Now you will notice all your leads are automatically loaded into your HubSpot account under the “Contacts” tab:

You can choose how you segment your “deals”; you can see the list here I have:

  • Appointment Scheduled: People who have responded to my outreach message
  • Qualified to Buy: People who have responded a second time, and are a qualified lead
  • Presentation Scheduled: People who have confirmed a demo
  • Decision Maker: Post demo stage
  • Contract Sent: Have shown them product offering

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