How does the Pipedrive integration work?

How does the Pipedrive integration work?

Please note, integration with PipeDrive will import all leads.

Currently there isn't a way to import only specific leads.

This integration is useful for users who want to know the lead source.

You can setup an integration with Pipedrive by clicking Settings-->Integrations.

Click On for the Pipedrive integration

Click Yes to export previous leads already in your LeadFuze account, and enter your API key from Pipedrive account under settings.

Enter your API key


Now you will see your leads will be automatically loaded in your Pipedrive account, under “Contacts → People” tab:

Now you can click on each email address, and create a new deal:

The lead will now show up in your “Deals” tab:

You can then choose how you segment your leads, you can see the list here I have:
  • List: all the cold emails I’ve collected
  • Replied to Cold Email: People who have responded to my outreach message
  • Scheduled Talk: People who have replied a 2nd time to email message or phone call
  • Had LIVE Contact: Either phone call or email chain
  • Proposal Presented: Have shown them product offering
NOTE: If there is no current company or account in your CRM, LeadFuze will create it using the company name and add the prospects as contacts to that account (and tag it with LeadFuze as the source).
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