How do I schedule a sequence?

How do I schedule a sequence?

Here's a video tutorial on how to create a schedule:

To create a schedule for your email sequences, click Scheduling

Click Create Schedule

Here, you will be prompted to do six things:
1.) Choose the List you're scheduling a sequence for in the List dropdown menu.
2.) Choose an email Sequence you're looking to schedule in the Sequence dropdown menu.
3.) Specify the # of Leads to Email each day.
4.) Choose your Schedule type settings in the Schedule type dropdown menu.
5.) Enter a time of day in Send every day at field
6.) Click Add to Schedule

Now your sequence is scheduled and emails will be sent! 

When you schedule a sequence and list to send emails, emails are staggered out over a period of time to ensure that the email sends look natural.

This built in feature helps email deliverability.

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