How do I create a sequence?

How do I create a sequence?

Here's a video tutorial on how to create a sequence:

To create a sequence, click Sequences

Within Sequences, click Create Sequence

Name the sequence, then choose a template or create from scratch. Click Create

This brings you to the email editor where you write your emails. 

Once your first email is ready, click Add Email
From here you can:
  • Send a test email to yourself 
  • Add additional steps to your sequence
  • Customize the schedule between follow-ups (72 hours by default)

To add additional emails to your sequence, click Add Step 

Adding a step brings you back to the email editor to craft the second email in the sequence.

When making changes to your email, always be sure to click Update Email to save changes.

Once you complete your sequence of emails, you'll need to schedule your sequence.

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