Can LeadFuze find emails for leads I already have?

Can LeadFuze find emails for leads I already have?

If you have first names, last names, and domain names, FuzeBot can search the LeadFuze database for email addresses using the individual lookup feature.

Here's a video tutorial on how to use individual lookup:

To use individual lookup, click Leads 

Within Leads, click Individual Lookup

Within the Find Contact Info screen, you can search for emails two different ways. The first method for individual lookup is to look for contact information on a lead by lead basis. The second method is to upload a list of leads.

If you're searching on a lead by lead basis, select a list you'd like the lead to be added to, enter the first name, last name, and domain of that lead, and click Find Contact Info to see which of these leads FuzeBot can double verify contact information for.indvlkup.png

If you have a list of first names, last names, and domains you can find the email addresses for these contacts by clicking Use BULK UPLOAD
Within the Find Contact Info screen, "Download sample csv file" to see the format necessary for individual lookup.

Once you've refined your list to match the format, select that list by clicking "Choose File". Once that list is selected, click Load Prospects, specify the list you'd like to add these leads to and click Find Bulk Info



Once you've clicked Find Bulk Info, FuzeBot will see which of these emails it can double verify contact information for. The emails that FuzeBot can double verify information for will be added to your lists.

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