What happened to the extension?

What happened to the extension?

Prior to May of 2017, LeadFuze operated differently.

Our Google Chrome extension was the main way to build lists.

Progressing towards the current version, we kept our users best interests in mind.

It had come to our attention that LinkedIn was going after people using 3rd party applications like ours to prospect, and had been warning them that this was against their terms and services.

To protect our users, we worked with LinkedIn to cease operations on their site.

This changed the tool but helped us build a better, more accurate and automated solution.

We've automated the list building process, taking away the hours of time you would have spent with the extension getting less accurate results.

You still have the option to manually build lists or semi-manually build lists.

All you have to do is set up a saved list based on the traits of your ideal customer.

Then FuzeBot finds matching emails for leads and automatically puts them in your list with double-verified addresses for 98% deliverability. 

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